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Child Safety in the City

Last updated 3rd January 2017

What to do if your child goes missing when you’re in a foreign city. But don’t panic, try and stay calm and follow these steps.


Foreign and Commonwealth Office
020 7008 1500
Missing Abroad
020 7047 5060

International Child Abduction and Contact Unit
A central authority for international child abduction
020 7911 7045/7047
Out of hours number 0116 2556 234
Reunite International Child Abduction Centre
A UK charity specializing in international parental child abduction 0116 2556 345


Make sure your children know what to do if they get lost. Tell them to find someone in a uniform and not to go anywhere with strangers.

Write your mobile number on sticker and fix it to their clothes and as soon as you get to a busy public place make a meeting point.

Choose a large landmark, which is easy to find and tell your children that if you lose them, that is where you meet.

Dress them in bright, easily recognizable clothes, so you can spot them when you’re out and about.

Try not to panic – we know it is easier said that done but it’s important to think clearly.

Make sure someone is supervising your other children before you go looking and ensure one person stays in the same place at all times, in case your child comes back.

Check nearby play areas or spaces that are good for hiding – under tables, behind statues, for example.

Tell a member of staff, if you’re in a museum, shop or art gallery they can arrange for an alert over the tannoy.

Ask the doormen if they’ve seen anything.

Call your villa or hotel, an older child might know their way back there.

Contact the local police and the police in the UK and ask them to inform UK National Central Bureau of Interpol, Interpol can contact the relevant foreign police.