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Caring for a Jellyfish Sting

Last updated 6th June 2017

What to do if your child gets stung by a jellyfish on your holiday. First step, don’t panic.

When to go to the hospital

Go to hospital if your child has difficulty breathing, dizziness, swollen tongue, persistent sneezing/coughing or chest pains, or was stung on their face or genitals.

Top tip: Using urine to treat a jellyfish sting is untrue and could actually make the injury worse, according to the NHS.


Use anti-histamine or hydrocortisone cream if there is still itching the following day – but this should be stopped if there is sign of infection.


Immerse it in vinegar for 15-30 minutes to neutralize the fish’s poison.

NB: treating a bluebottle sting is different, don’t use vinegar


Use saltwater (heat it if you can), if you don’t have vinegar.


Apply a towel soaked in sea water to the area. Then use a dry towel to brush off any remaining stingers.