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Best Snacks for Car Journeys

Last updated 2nd June 2017

The secret to a successful car journey with children is about having the right snacks. Here are our suggestions.

We run down the key snacks to take on the car journey with your children for when eye-spy runs out and stomachs start to rumble.

To avoid a tidal wave of toddler vomit though, it’s best to pack a selection of plain foods and avoid anything greasy, buttery or with too much flavour…


Peanut butter or Marmite sandwiches are good options for all age children (allergies allowing) and less messy than fillings that can fall out of the bread and into laps.


Tiny boxes of raisins are a good weapon against toddler tantrums. Yoghurt covered raisins are also a winner and better for those with a sweet tooth.

Mini bottles of water

These will keep kids well-hydrated. But be careful, water them too much and damp seats could be an issue.

Top tip

Keep a packet of Jelly Babies hidden in the glove compartment to be used as a last resort.


Bags of crisps or chocolate biscuits – they cause no end of crumbs.

Plain treats

Small bags of plain or slightly salted popcorn will feel like a treat and bread sticks are always a winner (except when used as a weapon). If they need something more substantial take fingers of pitta bread and a tub of cheddar cheese cubes.