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It’s probably safe to assume most adults know how to go on holiday, look after themselves and get home safe. You might have learned a few lessons the hard way: who hasn’t fallen prey to an ice laden drink at a cool beach bar on a too hot day?

Some caveats are just common sense, like not going straight for zero factor bronzing oil on milk white British skin or remembering a spare pair of driving glasses for an Atacama Desert road trip. But, add kids into holiday plans and even the most perfectly evolved world traveller panics a little.

First time holidays with babies can seem especially challenging: think Magellan circumnavigating the globe and start multiplying.

Fear not, you might feel like an intrepid 16th century Portuguese navigator when you’re heading off to the Algarve with baby in tow this summer, but you’re not.

Virtually no territory hasn’t already been charted by pioneering parents and, based on experience, you only need to remember seven simple basics. Breathe easy, they’re right here.

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Keep delicate skin and hair sun-safe

Keeping baby’s skin safe on holiday is your top priority, but watch out for kid-friendly brands described as, ‘sensitive’. It’s a catch-all term, so they could still cause an allergic reaction or irritate skin conditions like eczema.

Look for a dermatologically tested range that’s suitable from birth and only uses natural ingredients. Multi-purpose skin and hair washes are good for simplifying packing.

Included in your baby bundle will be six bottles of Childs Farm 3in1 Swim, an after swim body wash, shampoo and conditioner designed to undo the drying effects of chlorine on hair and skin. Organic mint oil soothes the scalp and smells amazing, whilst Argan oil provides extra luxurious moisturising.  This product is suitable for newborns and upwards.

Find out more about Childs Farm’s 3in1 Swim

Observe pool etiquette

There isn’t a baby in the world cute enough to get away with a leaky nappy in the swimming pool. It’s the number one holiday faux pas and always a risk with disposables.

Think reusable, neoprene swim nappies instead. They’re soft and flexible, fit neatly in all the right places and don’t leak, even with serious leg kicking and splashing action. Plus, classic wetsuit neoprene means no labour-intensive washing and drying’s involved – just rinse, roll and reuse.

Splash About new and improved reusable Happy Nappy is what water babies are wearing this summer.

Neat fitting, secure and comfortable, with UPF 50+ sun protection; it packs tiny, dries in minutes and comes in 10 fun designs – cool enough for the almost-out-of-nappies toddler too.

Find out more about Splash About Happy Nappy worth £10.99

Keep little wannabe swimmers safe

Holidays are the best time to start teaching toddlers to swim, but when you’ve a baby in the equation too, lessons sometimes take second place to simply keeping everyone safe.

Swimsuits with removable floats are a great solution. Not only do they keep new swimmers confidently afloat without awkward armbands or rings, the best are designed to be worn all day. So you’ve an added layer of security by the swimming pool and, with more than one child to look after, that can only be a good thing.

Splash About UV FloatSuits with adjustable buoyancy are ideal for learners from 12 months. Made from lightweight Nylon Lycra, they’re comfortable enough for all-day wear (in and out of the pool) and they contain UPF50+, so they’re safe and secure on every count.

Find out more about UV FloatSuits from Splash About worth £27.99

Get as much sleep as possible

Holidays and regular bedtimes are a tough combination to get right with older kids. Sleepless nights with a new baby takes the challenge to another level entirely.

Trying going with the flow as much as possible and catching a cat nap when you can. Stay calm, even when you’re exhausted. And know there are absolutely zero awards handed out for super-human parenting, so accept all the help you can get, any time it’s available.

Award-winning Whispbear recreates womb-like sounds to soothe and comfort new-born babies. It’s also the first sleep aid with CRYsensor which automatically activates calming noise when baby starts crying.

Find out more about Whispbear The Humming Bear worth £49.99


Avoid holiday buggy boredom

Seeing the world from a baby’s perspective sounds wonderful, unless you happen to be strapped into a buggy for the experience. Adult legs are not interesting. Multiply them by hundreds in a crowded resort and chances are they’ll become quite terrifying, very quickly.

Put the smallest traveller into a child-carrier and it’s a different story altogether. They feel secure and comforted on your back, other people are at eye level and just looking around is the best type of entertainment. And if a snooze is in order, that’s fine too – just like in a buggy, only much better.

LittleLife’s Traveller S3 looks like a backpack, acts as cabin baggage and transforms into a sturdy, but lightweight, child carrier in seconds.

It’s suitable for kids from six months to three years and works every angle on holiday, right down to handy space for baby day-out essentials.

Find out more about LittleLife’s Traveller S3 Child Carrier worth £114.99

Be pool temperature wise

Hot, sunny days by the pool make it easy to forget babies don’t have the same efficient natural thermostats as older kids. It’s also worth remembering, air is significantly warmer than water and body temps in swimming pools can drop fast and suddenly.

Water at 21˚ is perfect for adult swimmers, but babies are comfortable closer to the 26˚ mark, at least. Unless you’re packing a handy poolside thermometer, temperatures can be hard to gauge accurately. Instead, relax and think about the new generation of fleece-lined swimsuits designed to keep babies safely warm, even when the water isn’t.

Pop-In Baby Cosy Suits from Close are fleecy inside, easy to put on and take off, long sleeved and have a built-in, leak-proof, swim nappy. They’re suitable from birth and contain UPF50+ sun protection: holiday perfect in and out of the pool.

Find out more about Close Pop-In Baby Cosy Suits worth £19.99

Put any sun risks in the shade

Have baby, have buggy, stroll around in the sun: that’s what family holidays are all about. Running constant surveillance on light, shade and heat is part of the deal too, and not the fun part.

Parasols aren’t particularly effective and sunhats are easy to get out of, even for tiny babies. Look for practical all-in-one sunshades that fit everything from pushchairs to prams to car seats; pack small for travel; and create safe, personal cocoons for babies everywhere you go.

Snooze Shade is the UK’s best-selling baby sunshade in a one-size fits all design that’s ideal for holidays. 99% UVA and UVB protection is peace of mind for you and optimum comfort for sleepy kids.

Find out more about Snooze Shade baby sunshade worth £19.99

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