Let's look after our oceans

Wherever we live, the world's oceans play and huge role in our everyday life and connect us to people across the Earth. The oceans regulate the climate, are home to a mind-boggling array of wildlife and of course, provide us with most of the oxygen we breathe.


World Oceans Day is on 8 June 2016 and this year's theme is healthy oceans, healthy planet. Unfortunately, human's bad habits, including illegal and destructive fishing, pollution, habitat destruction and climate change, are all having a negative impact on the health of the world's oceans.

To help inspire the next generation to protect our precious oceans, we're giving away two copies of Under the Ocean, an exquisite pop-up book by Anouck Boisrobert.


How to enter

Two children will win copies of Under the Ocean. The winners will be the two children who send us the most creative pictures of the ocean made with eco-friendly art supplies, including recycled materials.

Please send entries to the following address, including details of your name and address, and your child's first name and age:

Family Traveller oceans competition
5 Langley Street
Covent Garden

OR, take a photo of your child's art work, and submit it using the form below.

Maximum age: 16 years. Entries will be judged by the Family Traveller editorial team. Unfortunately entries will not be returned senders.

Entries must be received by 30 June 2016.