You know the feeling when you pick up a children’s book and realise you may very well have stumbled across a hidden treasure? The Turquoise Holiday Company has created this exact feeling with their charming children's book, written in conjunction with well-known children’s author Abi Elphinstone, and they are giving away the wonderful chance to order a free copy at the bottom of this page.

Without any spoilers, it’s the story of a boy called Max and that difficult age when nothing seems to fit quite right. All his friend’s have something they’re good at, but the search for his ‘thing’ isn’t going too well at all. Helping him, Max’s has his eccentric Grampy Fred and an elephant friend called Tug ‘The Pocket Elephant’.

Of course, parents might very well fall in love with another star of the story: enchanting Thailand. Beautifully illustrated by Jess Grant, every page of The Pocket Elephant is alive with the country’s dazzling colours.

You only have to read The Turquoise Holiday Company’s forward to The Pocket Elephant, which has been curated with The Tourism Authority of Thailand, to understand their passion for Thailand and why they felt it was the perfect setting for a the tale of a childhood voyage of discovery.


Turquoise Managing Director, James, even found the company ‘thing’ in the process. Turns out it’s ‘fabulous family holidays’: no spoiler-alert needed as Turquoise are indeed one of the UK’s leading specialists in tailor-made adventures for families.

“Adventures don’t start when you’re ready, the important thing is to say yes to them.”

Grampy Fred’s wise words could be easily applied to the essence of Turquoise holidays in Thailand. Especially as every one is designed individually by the Turquoise team so you and the kids can concentrate fully on saying, ‘yes’ to adventures. And they can be anything you want: on captivating Thai islands in the south; across the north’s elephant country or right in the heart of Bangkok; evocatively imagined in Max and Tug’s story.

Creating the right combination of beachy fun, traditional culture and unforgettable experiences is another Turquoise talent which makes seeing more of Thailand much easier for families. All the places explored in The Pocket Elephant will seem fantastic and dreamlike to kids, imagine them discovering they really do exist?

“Sunlight bobbed on the turquoise water, small fish darted in the shallows and further out to sea a scattering of islands rose into jagged peaks”

Abi Elphinstone describes the ethereal loveliness of Thailand’s islands perfectly. Of course they’re famous for beaches and limpid lagoons, but from Phuket to Koh Samui, they’re also thrilling for kids. Vast marine parks like Mu Koh Ang Thong are almost identical to ones they’ve already wandered through with Max in The Pocket Elephant.

“Max looked up. Above the stalls and the crowds and the regular buildings. To the golden domes and spires of a temple sparkling in the twilight.”

Bangkok is also captured effortlessly in The Pocket Elephant. Kids’ first reaction to the Thai capital’s colourful chaos might be that it's a little overwhelming, but fascination usually wins and quite a few children end up liking Bangkok better than anywhere else.

Grampy Fred’s advice to Max is to look for the quiet places in cities people often miss. You’ll hear the same wise words from Turquoise and they back them up with brilliantly kid-shaped tours and experiences designed to ease young visitors into the city.

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