6 reasons to love winter in Trentino Italy beyond great skiing

Lucy Pares
16th October 2021

Sweeping up from the northern end of Lake Garda, Trentino is one of Italy’s great ski regions, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise obviously knows nothing. The hint is in 730km of downhill runs, cross-country trails covering upwards of 450km and a long, long, snow-sure season.


But there’s more to a family ski holiday than just skiing, and few places understand that better than multi-faceted Trentino. So whether you don’t ski/won’t ski or just want to mix up the skiing with other fun stuff, take a look at the top six ski-free activities in Trentino this winter.

1/6  Tobogganing is more thrilling than ever

Depending on your kids’ ages, they might have forgotten how much fun tobogganing is, or not even tried it out yet. Either way, there are quick fixes for that all over Trentino this winter and quite a few surprises, destined to thrill even the staunchest toboggan traditionalist on your team.

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2/6  Fat bikes work wonders in winter Trentino

Forget foregoing your wheels for winter, and take on the snow with a fat bike instead. Trentino has been a big fan of low-pressure tires and beaten trails for years, so you’ll find everything here, from brilliant bikes to advice on the best techniques for cycling smoothly and satisfyingly across the region’s wondrous frozen terrain. The style is a bit different from MTB, but easy to master and enough fun to convert the most ardent mountain biker.

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3/6  Discover the delights of dogsledding in Trentino

As far as unforgettable family holiday experiences go, dogsledding in the snow-laden landscape of wintery Trentino is particularly hard to beat. You can choose to snug up cosy with kids and let someone else take the reins or try out as trainee mushers and learn to handle remarkable Siberian Huskies for yourself. But if it’s full-on enchantment you want, go for a moonlit sled ride and wait for the magic to happen – it always does.

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4/6  Step into snowshoes for endless family adventures

Hushed trekking over snow might make kids feel like intrepid explorers, but today’s hi-tech snowshoes take about five minutes to master, although the thrill of snowshoeing always feels brand new. It’s one of the easiest ways to hike in winter, lets you in on some of Trentino’s best kept secrets, and there’s almost nowhere you can’t simply snap on shoes and start walking.

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5/6  Open your eyes to Trentino’s sunrise on the snow

The Trentino Ski Sunrise programme runs from January to early April every year, but book early: the experience is as captivating as it sounds, and understandably very popular with families. If you don’t ski, that’s fine, the sunrise is just as spectacular in snowshoes or hiking boots, so non-skiers are as welcome as skiers on this dawn adventure.

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6/6  Trentino night-skiing is wide-awake fun for families

Take to the slopes all over Trentino after dark and you might never want to ski in daylight again. There’s a long tradition of night-skiing in this part of Italy and it’s a bit of a local passion, so expect to be spoiled for choice on the range of experience: think anything from floodlit skiing to sailing down runs lit by glimmering solar globes. It’s great fun with kids and about as close to a fairy tale as it gets – especially around Christmas. And if skiing isn’t your thing, try night time tobogganing or tubing instead.

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The Trentino region of northern Italy lies between Lake Garda and Sud Tyrol.

How to get there

Direct UK flights to Venice Treviso, one hour and 50 minutes, year round. Trentino is about two hour’s drive north of Treviso.

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