Family safari holidays

What to Pack for a Family Safari

Last updated 11th July 2022

You’ll need to pack more than khaki shorts and walking boots for a holiday to Africa.


Long-sleeved tops and t-shirts, in neutral colours.  

Where to buy: Beige or khaki t-shirts from Amazon, from £2.99.


Loose-fitting trousers and shorts. 

Where to buy: Peter Strom Zip Off trousers at Blacks; £20. Youth Insect Blocker Pants at Columbia; £42.


Wide-brimmed hats.

Where to buy: Peter Strom Mini Jungle Ranger at Millets; £10, or Trekmates Kalahari Hat at Safari Quip; £11.99.


A fleece or windproof jacket for the colder mornings.

Where to buy: Choose from a selection at Amazon; from £8.20.


Sunglasses. Make sure they’re UV protected.

Where to buy: Choose from a selection at Sunglasses Shop; from £7.


Sandals for walking around your hotel or lodge.

Where to buy: Flip-flops, clogs and sandals at Crocs; from £14.99.


Walking boots or trainers. Make sure they’re worn in before you leave or they might rub.

Where to buy: Choose from the walking boots at Trekwear; from £14.95.


Swimming costumes, most lodges will have a pool.

Where to buy: Choose from a selection at Amazon; from £2.75, or Speedo; from £11.



Where to buy:  Check out our Favourite Children’s Suncream article.


Insect repellent. Opt for natural or low DEET.

Where to buy: Lifesystems natural spray (which uses lemon eucalyptus) at Go Outdoors; from £6.52.


Day bag. 

Where to buy: Safari Quip has a selection of rucksacks; from £15.99.


Fixed-focus binoculars (at least two pairs).

Where to buy: Choose from a selection at Amazon; from £15.


Digital camera (sim cards and batteries), consider getting a cheap one for your kids.

Where to buy: A selection at Amazon; from £30.


Top tip: When flying within Africa some of the small airplanes have luggage weight limits of 15kg, and a lot of the lodges will have a laundry service on site – so don’t to over-pack.