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Heroes of the City

Last updated 18th July 2022

Heroes of the City is a tv series that aims to teach children the fundamental values of helping, caring and sharing and that with these values in mind, everyone can be a hero.

What is Heroes of the City?

Heroes of the City is a fantastically fun YouTube cartoon series set in a bright and cheerful world, which your kids can travel to with just a few clicks of a mouse.

The episodes tell the tales of two rescue vehicles, Pauli Police Car and Fiona Fire Engine, and the adventures that they and their friends get up to.

There are 52 episodes on YouTube in 18 languages, all totally free to watch.

What’s so great about it?

By working together and helping each other out, the friendly rescue vehicles bust crimes, put out fires, and solve the mysteries that crop up around town.

In this happy little city everyone gets to be a hero. As they watch, kids will learn the importance of friendships, see the value of helping out your pals, and have a giggle at the mishaps of the accident-prone Calamity Crow.

All the films have been optimised to look great on mobile phones and tablets as well as computers, so you can carry the fun around in your pocket when you’re about and about on your travels.

Who will love watching it?

The show is aimed at children aged 1-5.

What’s on offer?

As well as the shows, the channel also has memory training games, creative crafting ideas, and Calamity Crow’s Sketch & Guess game – try guess what’s being drawn before the picture is finished!

Heading off on holiday with the tots? Be sure to download to Heroes of the City Movie app, which includes more than six hours of movies, plus ten entertaining games to keep little fingers busy on the road or in the air.

The Heroes of the City Book app has hours of stories, movies and games – just the thing for keeping busy on a long journey.

There’s also a Baby app for 0-2s with short movies and colourful games, a special Garage app where kids can tinker with the vehicles, and Board Game app with eight family-friendly games to try.

Where can I find it?

• Catch up on episodes on the Heroes of the City YouTube Channel