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Buying Beauty Products on Holiday

Last updated 10th July 2019

Instead of bringing back the usual tourist tat from your travels, make time to investigate the local beauty offering, says Sophie Qureshi.

A great beauty product makes the ultimate souvenir because you’ll enjoy its benefits long after your holiday’s over. And if you’re worried you’ll fall in love with a ‘miracle’ cream and then won’t be able to get your hands on it again, don’t be put off. Here’s what to buy on holiday – and where to find it once you’re back home.


Pretty Peaushun Skintight Body Lotion

Hollywood make-up artist Bethany Karlyn created this magical body perfector for her A-list clients. It comes in four shades and makes skin look Photoshopped. It also firms, soothes sunburn and naturally repels insects.

Get it in the UK:, £30



You won’t find this eco-friendly mega-brand in shops because it’s only sold directly by representatives (think Avon ladies), but any local you ask will know one. Try the Ekos line, made with natural, native ingredients such as açai berries and buriti oil.

Get it in the UK:, from £9.99


Boiron Homeoplasmine

This is the insider’s alternative to Vaseline. A plant-based homoeopathic ointment, it’s great on chapped lips and sore skin and the matte, velvety texture means it never looks greasy.

Get it in the UK:, £8.49


Estelle & Thild

For a healthy Scandi glow, this gorgeous organic skincare range from Stockholm can’t be beaten. Named after the creator’s children, the whole line is Ecocert certified and includes a brilliant Baby & Child collection. The tinted lip balms and the Super Bioactive range are on our wishlist.

Get it in the UK: Selfridges and John Lewis, from £16



Apivita skin and hair products were created by a pharmacist couple in Athens using bee-derived ingredients and herbs. They all contain propolis, a resinous substance that bees collect from plants, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Get it in the UK: Marks & Spencer, from £3



Based on traditional Chinese medicine, Wei has taken Asia by storm. The products use herbs to boost energy flow and balance your skin (a bit of skincare yin and yang, if you will). The brand is most famous for its cloth-mask Treatment Pads.

Get it in the UK: SpaceNK, from £16

South Africa


This anti-ageing skincare line, created by a Cape Town plastic surgeon, gets serious results. Potent vitamins A and C have starring roles, so you have to follow a step-up system to build up your skin’s tolerance.

Get it in the UK: Selected beauty salons,, from £18.99


Fairydrops Mascara

Fairydrops was created by TV personality Aya Yasuda, who wanted to make her eyes look bigger onscreen. She experimented by snipping away at mascara wands, and so Fairydrops’ signature ‘three-bobble’ brush was born.

Get it in the UK:, £18.50