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Burts bees’ make up advice for mums

Last updated 5th June 2017

Katey Denno, Burt’s Bees make up artist, gives us some top tips for busy mums and their holiday beauty routine. The natural skin brand has also just launched a new lip colour range, perfect for naturally nourishing lips and keeping them looking lovely while you’re running around after your little buzzing bees.

1/  How can busy mums chasing around after their kids on holiday look after their lips quickly while out in the sun? 

You should always wear a good SPF every day, even when not in strong sunlight, but when summer hits this should certainly be bumped up to a higher factor to protect the skin and prevent ageing.

I always carry a small tube of SPF 50 facial sunscreen and use it on my lips as well as my skin. 

2/  How can we stop our lips peeling and flaking during the day, whether that’s from the harsh ski slop winds or the hot summer sun?

If lips do crack a great way to get rid of the flaking skin is with a simple home scrub. You could try mixing some sugar with a few drops of sweet almond oil and buffing the lips with a soft toothbrush. Then make sure they are well moisturised with a nutritious lip balm, such as Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lip Balm, which is enriched with mango butter.

If they’ve already cracked though, the best course of treatment is to ensure that you’re hydrated as can be, eat plenty of ‘good’ fats, and keep lips slathered with lip balm. Once the cracking has healed, then begin the scrubbing technique from above.

3/  It’s more difficult to keep your lips looking lovely in the humidity: help!

Lipsticks do have a tendency to slip and slide a bit in the heat of summer, especially when eating and drinking are involved! A great alternative would be to use a light tint or a tinted lip balm, to add a hint of colour without it being as intense as lipstick. Burt’s Bees’ Lip Shimmers are a great choice, combining a subtle lip stain with a little summertime shimmer. My favourite is the vibrant, rich PINK, RHUBARB.

4/  What can us mums do to keep their make-up looking natural yet covered on holiday?

Invest in a few key products that will see you through the summer and allow to build a more intense look when needed. A perfect tinted moisturiser, highlighter fluid, a waterproof mascara and a selection of tinted lip balms in a pinky nude, coral and red; a dab of tinted lip balm on the cheeks can also double up as a spot of blush when needed. I’m also a big fan of brightly coloured eyeliner pencils that can be used either to define the lash line or smudged across the lid in place of shadow, which can crease easily in the heat.

5/  Mums will also be handling teenage daughters who want a piece of the make-up action, especially when they’re on holiday! Which products should mums introduce their daughters?

We can all remember being teenagers and how desperately we wanted to wear make up and be grown up! A great product for teens is a clear mascara or lash/brow gel; it still noticeably tidies and defines the lashes and brows without the pigment. A little cream blush adds a flush of colour to the cheeks without the heaviness of powder, and the failsafe tinted lip balms should be a must in any teen’s make up bag.

Burt’s lip shines are a wonderful way to allow your teen to play with shine with only a hint of colour.

6/  How can you find the right shades for your lips to suit your colouring?

It depends very much on your skin tone, whether you are ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ and have pink or yellow undertones to the skin. Cooler tones look great in blue-based reds, nudes, pink and berry tones, whereas warmer skin tones really suit colours with a hint of gold or coral in them. Darker skintones look fantastic in bold shades such as plums, deep reds and rich dark pinks.


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