Beautiful ideas for far-flung family holidays

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How much personal room do you get in the family holiday bag? Between stocking up on SPF50; stowing eardrops to rehydration remedies; packing at least two of everything; and keeping all the ‘just in case’ bases covered, probably not a lot.

But, you’ll be pleased to know quite a few of summer’s new beauty products seem to have been designed with space-starved, travelling mums in mind – spotting them for sale at UK Duty Free is a bit of a hint. So if you’re going outside Europe on holiday this year, all you need’s a little corner of the cabin-bag and five kid-free minutes of blissful browse time before your flight’s called or better yet – reserve your selections before you leave home and simply collect at the airport.

Obviously a new lipstick, no matter how gorgeous, isn’t reason enough for a distant destination. But the growing number of direct flights worldwide from UK airports and more far-flung countries than ever pursuing the family holiday market, just might be.

Need more persuasion? Here’s our rundown on what’s practical and beautiful to buy Duty Free for summer 2017 and our pick of exotic places worth a little more travel than usual.

Aït Ben Haddou

1/5  Morocco

Morocco is so deeply cultured and ancient it inspired UNESCO to create a new World Heritage category. It’s the land of the High Atlas Mountains: Sahara dunes dropping into the Atlantic; historic walled cities; souks; medinas; storytellers and soothsayers; Roman ruins; and medieval desert fortresses.

Quicker to reach than Tenerife, with temperatures of 30˚ from May to September and a parade of resorts overlooking a shimmering Atlantic coastline, Morocco should definitely be in the running for a family holiday this summer.

Young Game of Thrones fans will love Essouira: Khalisi raised an army of the Unsullied here and nowhere in Morocco has better water sports and beaches. Agadir isn’t quite so Middle-Ages magnificent but more than compensates with Riviera style resorts and manicured sands. Inland Marrakech is the city for the Koutoubia Mosque, North Africa’s loveliest medina, mountains to take your breath away and some of the world’s most charming people. Or go wild and take teenagers on a road trip: from enormous Toubkal National Park to the legendary desert settlement of Ouarzazate, only imagination has fewer limits than a combination of adventurous spirits and Morocco.

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