Rebecca Howard reports on the international rise of ‘A-Beauty’ and shares her picks of the best Australian beauty brands

The No-nonsense Naturals

With a backyard full of active botanicals and a relaxed-but-results driven approach to looking good, it’s hardly surprising that home-grown Australian beauty brands are finding favour outside of the southern hemisphere.

Down Under is not well known for being a beauty trailblazer, however Australia’s beauty industry is fast acquiring a global cult following. It would be easy to assume the current buzz around A-Beauty is just a flirtation with, and appropriation of, an entire culture’s skin-care habits, but with a national passion for wellbeing and a healthy disregard for pseudo-science and overinflated claims, A-Beauty chimes perfectly with what modern consumers want. Namely, fuss-free formulations that deliver on their promises, and all without harsh chemicals.

It could also explain why, according to Google, searches for ‘Australian Beauty Brands’ are up 86 per cent year-on-year. It’s no mean feat distilling that carefree Antipodean attitude into superlative, skin-kind cosmetics and yet as more best-selling brands hit our shores, it’s also never been easier to inject a little ‘Stralyan’ spirit into your beauty regime.

Moving to natural ingredients is the most efficacious change you can make to your beauty regime and Australia is a hotbed of efficacious natural resources. In fact, more than 80 percent of Australian plant life can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The result is a clutch of appropriately-Antipodean-sounding actives including plumping lilly pilly, anti-inflammatory old man’s weed and antioxidant kakadu plum.

For a truly unique, A-beauty experience, be sure to stock up on the hero products harnessing these rare, indigenous ingredients. Read on to see our Beauty Editor's pick of top Australian beauty products on the market.