SnüzPouch review – the new baby sleeping bag with nappy change function

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I’ve always cherished sleep, but since becoming a parent it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Anything that helps my baby and me get a decent night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold, which is why I’m such a fan of the SnüzPod bedside crib. My daughter, now nearly six months old, has slept really well in hers since we brought her home from hospital.

We’ve recently been trying out the latest innovation from Snüz, a baby sleeping bag called a SnüzPouch, and I’m happy to report that it’s just as good.

For the first few weeks after birth, my daughter slept tucked under a blanket, but once she discovered a fondness for chewing her feet and kicking off her blankets in the process, I started zipping her into sleeping bags for naps and nighttime. Baby sleeping bags are great, not least because they give you peace of mind that baby won’t be getting tangled up in bedsheets. However, they do create the dilemma of how to tackle nighttime nappy changes without completely waking the baby and having to begin an arduous re-settling process.

There are several well-known brands that make excellent sleeping bags, such as the Gro Company, but what sets the new SnüzPouch apart is its clever duo-zip function. As well as the usual side zip, there is a zip-off panel on the front of the bag specifically for nappy changes. This removable front section gives easy access and means you can change baby without removing her from the sleeping bag. I find it makes for far less fuss and disturbance during night changes, plus baby can stay snuggly during changes on cold nights.

The bags come in two sizes, 0-6 months and 6-18 months, and two thickness options, 1 tog for summer and 2.5 tog for all-year-round use. Be aware that, although the SnüzPouch is suitable from birth, there is a minimum weight of 8.8lbs, so you may have to wait a few weeks to use it if your little one is born weighing less.

The SnüzPouch comes in eight stylish monochrome designs, perfect for parents who love minimal Scandi aesthetics. Made from 100% cotton, the material is super soft. I love cuddling my daughter when she’s ‘bagged’ in her snuggly SnüzPouch. More importantly, she sleeps well in it!

Price: £34.95 (size 0-6 months) and £41.95 (6-18 months)

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