Most things on the pregnancy travel checklist are just common sense: stay cool and up your SPF levels, drink plenty of water, take naps, forensically examine restaurant menus, and always make sure you have an aisle seat on the flight.

Holiday packing is another skill-set entirely. Comfort takes priority, naturally, but does that mean you have to shelve gorgeous and go all-out sensible? Not if you follow the advice of Nine In The Mirror. They’re firm believers that pregnancy is the best excuse ever for fantastic holiday clothes, and they have the comfortable v cute conundrum worked out beautifully too.

So before you resign yourself to oversize cargo shorts and baggy tees, take a look at Nine In The Mirror’s perfect pregnancy holiday packing lists and some of the places that inspired them.

1/5  Effortlessly Ibiza

Ibiza’s an island of many moods, and doesn’t just spend its long, hot summers partying. The peaceful south west coast has more secret coves than clubs, and it’s ideal for lazy days on the beach and gentle exploring.

You might want to avoid the excesses of San Antonio right now, so catch a late afternoon boat round the coast instead. Ibiza Old Town is one of Spain’s loveliest historic quarters, sunsets from the Fortress are breathtaking, and nowhere else comes close for charming restaurants and interesting shops, open late hours on warm summer evenings.

Ibiza inspiration unpacked

Free-spirited glamour works for the most bohemian Balearic. Use the island’s iconic white architecture as a personal backdrop for bold colour choices. Think easy-going 70s style as a reference, but keep the influence light. And for sandals, go flat with hints of Goddess to conceal the common sense.

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