Paint a whole world with a rainbow: Kids Winter Fashion 2018/19

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From left to right: Samuel wears T-shirt, £35, Hundred Pieces at Smallable; jacket, £102, Hundred Pieces at Smallable; jeans, from £16, John Lewis; shoes, £35, Vans. Kristian wears hooded sweatshirt, £35, St Berts; jeans, from £110, Burberry at Alex and Alexa; All Star Classic high top trainers, £29, Converse. Rosa wears sweatshirt dress, from £26, Boden; coral jeans, from £45, Molo. Hakeem wears jumper, £42, Tootsa; bomber jacket, £51, Boden; jeans, £71, Paul Smith Junior. Brooke wears sweatshirt, £30, St Bert’s; wool coat, from £494, Burberry at Alex and Alexa; jeans, from £76, Stella McCartney; socks, from £19.99, Sock Shop

Rosa wears: cap, £12, River Island; piping jacket, £109, Mini Rodini; shirt, £49, Mini Rodini; dress worn as skirt, £111, Kenzo; tights, £5, River Island; boots, form £65, Dr Martens

Kristian wears: cap, £30, Loud Apparel; T-shirt, £34, Loud Apparel; culottes, from £12, Marks & Spencer; socks, from £1.99, Sock Shop; All Stars Classics high top trainers, £29, Converse. Samuel wears T-shirt, from £39, Molo; leggings, £33, Loud Apparel; shoes, £35, Vans

Brooke wears: trousers, £55, jacket, £79, shirts, £48, all Fish and Kids; jelly shoes, £10, River Island. Eden wears: top, £64, Bobo Choses; shorts, £44, Molo. Samuel wears: shirt, £49 and shorts, £36, both Molo; socks, from £1.99 Sock Shop; slip-on shoes, £35, Vans. Kristian wears: shirt, £67 and shorts, £67, both Stella McCartney; All Star classic high tops, £29, Converse. Sunny wears: T-shirt, £29, Bobo Choses; gillet, £95, Stella McCartney; sweatpants, £53, Paul Smith Junior. Rosa wears: swim top, £67, Stella McCartney; jersey all in one, £67 Stella McCartney

Brooke wears: jumper, £67, skirt, £44, both Bobo Choses

Brooke wears: jumpsuit, from £22, Marks & Spencer; trainers, £18, River Island. Rosa wears Liberty print hat, £19, Liberty print skirt £42, Liberty print shirt dress, £55 all from ARKET; leggings, from £8, John Lewis; boots, from £65, Dr Martens. Hakeem wears: shirt, £78, Paul Smith Junior; shirt, £230, Burberry at Alex and Alexa; jeans, £35, Petit Bateau; boots, from £65, Dr Martens

Hakeem wears: cap, £34, Bobo Choses; sunglasses, £90, Stella McCartney; jumper (just seen), £29, Cos; bomber jacket, from £310, Burberry at Alex and Alexa; jeans, £29, Petit Bateau; socks, from £1.99, Sock Shop; boots, from £65, Dr Martens

Kristian wears trousers, £64 and shirt, £56, both Bobo Choses; high top trainers, £29, Converse
Rosa wears Look 22 dress, £64, Bobo Choses; jumper, £20, John Lewis; beret, £10, River Island; high top trainers, £29, Converse Brooke wears dress, £71, Molo; trousers, £67, Bobo Choses;
jelly shoes, £10, River Island


Photographer: Gemma Booth
Fashion editor & stylist: Michelle Duguid
Stylist assistant: Lea Federmann
Hair & make-up: Sophie Moore
Set designer: Helen Macintyre

Models: Rosa Barrett @ Kids LDN, Sonny and Eden Booth, Hakeem Hassan @ Bruce & Brown, Kristian and Samuel Pala @ Grace & Galor, Brooke Thomasson @ Grace & Galor

Thanks to Industry Art, shot on location in Hackney thanks to Airbnb.

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