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Kids Autumn style

Natalie Gomez
11th June 2015

Autumn days need cosy cover ups, and this season it’s all about cuddle-me knits, faux fur, texture and pattern

Shop the shoot

Autumn shoot, picture 1

Agneta wears crown, £22, Oeuf; blouse, £60, Antik Batik; cardigan, £89, BoboChoses; shorts, £57.95, Scotch & Soda; tights, £5, Suva; shoes, Balti Jaama flea market

Autumn shoot, picture 2

Left: Agneta wears dress, £75, Finger in the Nose; coat, £500, Marit Illison; socks, £5, American Apparel; shoes, Balti Jaama flea market. Aleksandra (in the background) wears coat, £500, Marit Illison; tights and boots, model’s own

Right: Hans wears sweater, £110, Stella McCartney; jacket, £115, Bobo Choses; jeans, £49.95, Molo; boots, £34, Bundgaard

Autumn shoot, picture 3

Hans wears shirt, £38, Lee; sweater, Balti Jaama flea market; jeans, £69, Bobo Choses; boots, £34, Bundgaard Ever wears hat, £84, jeans, £123, and sneakers, £112, all Armani Junior; shirt, £67.95, Scotch & Soda; gilet, £280, Gabriel et Valentin

Autumn shoot, picture 4

Left: Ever wears hat, £84, denim shirt, £89, jacket, £265, jeans, £123, and shoes, £112, all Armani Junior

Right: Emili wears dress, from £83, Antik Batik; sweater, Balti Jaama flea market; coat, £625, D&G; socks, model’s own. Hans wears crown, £25, Xenia Joost; shirt, £55, Soft Gallery; sweater, £57.95, Scotch & Soda

Autumn shoot, picture 5

Agneta wears hat, £29, Bobo Choses; dress, £50, Bakker Made With Love; sweater, £85, Popupshop; trainers, model’s own. Aleksandra wears vest, £21.95, Scotch & Soda; jacket, £130, Antik Batik; skirt, £39, Bobo Choses; socks, £12, Kidscase; gloves, model’s own; boots, from £40, Mini Boden 38 fashion / estonia

Autumn shoot, picture 6

Aleksandra wears blouse, from £40, Finger in the Nose; leggings, from £10, Mini Boden; skirt, £55, Antik Batik


Photographer: Katrina Tang

Production: Karin Tõnisberg

Stylist: Kate van der Hage

Hair and make-up: Jaana Ku?lim

Thanks to Kirsi Altjõe for her assistance and knowledge of Estonian fashion ( andKloogaranna Noortelaager campsite 

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