5 ways to boost your family’s spirit of adventure

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Most kids are born with perfect feet and a natural spirit of adventure, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are determined to keep both beautifully intact, for as long as possible. They’re the latest multi-terrain creations from the ‘barely there’ experts at VIVOBAREFOOT, and designed to give young feet the very best start, without curbing little imaginations or restricting free spirits.

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Lightweight and water-resistant, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are perfect on the beach, but just as up for adventuring round forests, up rivers, over rocks, and anywhere else kids care to take them. Which would make them ideal for family holidays, even if they didn’t pack tiny for travel, weigh almost nothing, and flex into the smallest suitcase space, as intuitively as they flex with feet. Can shoes boost your family’s spirit of adventure? Have a look at five ways VIVOBAREFOOT think they can, and decide for yourself.

1/5  Plan to be spontaneous

Behind every carefree, young explorer, there’s a parent carrying the bags. VIVOBAREFOOT don’t promise to reduce the bag carrying completely, but they can lighten the load, and open you up to a few more encounters with those spontaneous experiences which make great holiday memories. 

Coming in at a mere 100g, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids don’t just feel weightless on little feet, they pack featherlight too. And because every shoe is built to bend, you can tuck a pair (or more) into the tiniest space: handy when it comes to making every millimetre count in an over-stretched family suitcase.

Plus, when you actually get down to the fun part of your travels, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are multi-terrain, and fast-dry, making them more than a match for whatever live-in-the-moment adventures you have planned. 

Incredibly flexible, weigh next to nothing VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are the next best thing to barefoot, come in four cute colours, and start out at UK size eight.

2/5  Learn to let go, and go with the adventure

Everyone remembers the moment their baby walked for the first time: then that moment right after, when you realise your life is now dedicated to staying one step ahead.

It’s hard to not to coddle kids a little: if you could cocoon them in cotton wool forever, you probably would. But letting them find their own feet is just as important as keeping them safe.

VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids can give you a bit of practical help on that score by making sure the feet kids are learning to stand on, stay strong, healthy, and as close to new born perfection as possible. VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids behave as if they are ‘barely there’, so young feet behave naturally, the way they would without shoes. Kids might not notice the benefits in terms of better posture and balance, they’ll just feel capable of anything. Fortunately they’re wearing the right shoes for the wildest type of adventures, and since you have to let go sometime, that’s a good start.

The patented, ultra-thin soles on VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids shoes are five times more puncture resistant than standard soles of the same thickness.

3/5  Look at the world like a kid

Family holidays are great for reconnecting with your kids, and your own inner child. Because, it’s easy to forget in the day-to-day, what the world actually looks like when you’re a few feet smaller than the people calling the shots. So now you’ve a moment to breathe: hunker down and have a good, long stare from a kid’s point of view.   

You might well have forgotten that beaches seem huge, rivers are magical and trees are enormous, and there’s almost nothing as amazing as rock pools and sand ripples, up close.

Children experience that sense of wonder minute-by-minute. It feeds imaginations, inspires curiosity, and releases boundless energy to explore. You may not always be able to keep up, but VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are designed for adventuring, made to withstand as much fun as kids can throw at them, and still come back for more: after a quick few minutes drying time, or a fast de-sand.

Feet have as many neurotransmitters as hands, so you can be sure VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids barefoot design keeps kid’s brains as active as every other part of their body.

4/5  Be a responsible grown-up

Nothing comes close to the experience of adventuring round world with kids. Seeing everything fresh through their eyes, and being constantly astonished by the imaginative take on so many things, adults tend to take for granted. But, along with the growing demand for adventures, most families want to travel as responsibly as possible now too.

No impact is the ideal: a beautiful dream that would require you to take no holidays at all, ever. Even low-impact can be tricky, so we all make compromises, and try to off-set as much as possible. You’ll be relieved to know that you can add a little more responsibility into your holiday with VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids.

For a start they’re sustainable and innovatively vegan: any man-made materials in the build are balanced by the use of recycled PET bottles and re-constituted algae. The principle of less shoe, more natural foot movement, cuts down on waste. And any concerns you might have about the breathability of synthetic shoes, are simply countered by the clever design. So you may not be able to reduce your carbon footprint to zero on holiday, but VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids go some way to helping you all tread a little lighter.

All VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids shoes are certified vegan, contain no animal products, and are sustainably produced using entirely animal-free processes.

5/5  Open up your mind to all adventures

Running around barefoot is a wonderful feeling for kids, but since that’s not always an option, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are the next best thing. Wide and bendy, with super-thin, supernaturally tough soles, they not only respond naturally to the way feet work, they let feet feel the ground instinctively too: an essential factor to developing confident movement in young children.

Water-resistant enough to withstand the longest of beachiest days, and just about any other aquatic adventures, VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids are also tough enough to do forests, grippy for rock rambling, and flexible in the extreme – just like feet. But, unlike most multi-terrain shoes, they’re cute and colourful too; almost always worn without socks, and come fitted with easy Velcro snaps – another independence booster for early explorers.

Whether your next family adventure means world travel or a fantastic day out, find out how naturally VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Kids fit into anything you – or your kids – have in mind. Follow for more inspiration.

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