2018 Christmas Gift Guide: Best Christmas gifts for teens

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Stocking Fillers

Grip strip
Stick sunglasses, phones, keys and more to any surface of your choice. A perfect gift for the forgetful teen who seems to lose everything everywhere.

£6.99 – £17.99

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Cinema light box
A cool and quirky gift, your teen will love writing out their own sayings and mantras on this light.


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Fisheye lens kit for iPhone
The simple and compact design of these make them the perfect fun gift for a travelling photography fanatic.


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Chilly water bottle
These colourful water bottles will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. Perfect for school, gym or on the go.

£15.00 – £33.91

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Pool inflatable
Summer may be a while off, but teens will be eagerly anticipating the warmer weather with the gift of this popular inflatable flamingo.


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Casio Watch
A unisex watch with a retro feel, teens will love this watch its cool feel.


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Portable charger
Perfect for the teen that’s addicted to their phone – keep them charged and happy at all times!


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“What do you meme?” card game
Basically Cards Against Humanity but with memes, this hilarious game is enough for endless rounds of laughter.


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Construct your own film camera
For any creatives out there, give your teen the chance to both build their own camera and then experiment shooting. Guaranteed some stunning results.


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You can bet your football enthusiast has been eagerly anticipating this game all year. Why not treat them?


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Action camera
Got an exciting holiday coming up? Let your teen record their adventures on this bargain action camera and hone their creative skills.


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A beautiful pair of stylish shades, teens will love these sunglasses through both the winter and summer months.


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Splurge £150+

Flying lesson
For the adventurous jet-setter, let them have a go of their own! They’ll never forget it! (Suitable for over-16s only)


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