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New kids books released in February 2016

Last updated 12th February 2018


Hamish And The Neverpeople

This is one of 2016’s most anticipated new kids books. After the enormous success last year of Hamish And The WorldStoppers, Hamish – an ordinary 10-year-old with a big mission – is back with the worrying knowledge that the people of Earth are in big trouble. Facing a peculiar world with shadowy figures, evil monsters and metal oddballs, only Hamish and his gang can save the day.

By Danny Wallace

Age: 8-12

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Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood

With its gorgeous illustrations and fun flaps for small fingers, this is a great addition to Usborne’s popular Peep Inside series. Young children can take a journey into the woods with Little Red Riding Hood, peer through the trees and watch Granny’s cottage emerge, as delicate cutaways are layered to create a magical filigree effect.

By Anna Milbourne

Age: 3+

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How Not to Disappear

Sixteen-year-old Hattie is not having the summer she had in mind: her two best friends have abandoned her, she is stuck babysitting her twin siblings – and she’s discovered she’s pregnant. You’ll laugh, and cry, and then laugh again with Hattie as she faces tough choices, in a moving novel that packs a real emotional punch.

By Clare Furniss

Age: Young adult

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This book offers accessible insights into such perplexing subjects as quantum physics, while telling a great story at the same time. When Albie’s mum dies, he wants to know where she’s gone and, on hearing his dad mutter something about a parallel universe, decides to send himself through time and space – with the aid of a cardboard box and radioactive banana – to find her.

By Christopher Edge

Age: 9+

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From the author of Aliens Love Underpants, this is a charming bedtime story for little fans of big machines – a team of sleepy vehicles, to be precise, who are making their way home after a busy day constructing a new motorway. With big, bright imagery, onomatopoeic interludes and funny rhymes, this is likely to become a favourite night-time read.

By Claire Freedman and Richard Smythe

Age: 3+

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