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Moomins on the Riviera film review

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Whatever your plans are this spring – you must squeeze some time in to take the tots to the cinema to see Moomins on the Riviera (if not for them, then for yourself).

The charming film sees the Moomins, along with Snorkmaiden and Little My, set off on an exciting adventure to the French Riviera. But the family trip ends up threatening their relationships.

Both Snorkmaiden and Moominpappa embrace the Riviera lifestyle of high-end dining and treatments, while Moomin Mamma and Moomin aren’t convinced it’s the life for them and want nothing more than to go back home.

As the film goes on, the characters are faced with themes of money, corruption, jealousy, greed and loyalty, all within a world of luxury they’ve never known before. However the story is handled gently, inoffensively (but still funny) and at a good pace, making it great for the kids.

The beauty of the film is how true it remains to finish illustrator Tove Jansson’s comic strips and picture books. The hand drawn animations are so delicate and refined, you won’t be able to peel yourself away from the screen.

Moomins on the Riviera is a feel good family film, with charming characters that will leave a smile on your faces. While you feel the rush of nostalgia, the kids will leave the cinema with good messages about happiness and unity.

But will the Moomins be able to patch up their differences? You’ll have to go see for yourself.

Moomins On The Riviera is in cinemas from Friday May 22nd

By: Natalie Gomez