Early doors: Best Christmas gifts for grandparents

Last updated 28th October 2020

From vintage DAB radios and decadent dark caramel truffles to fine cognac and classic sweets, we take a look at 2020’s best Christmas gifts for grandparents

Akai DAB Vintage Radio | £55

Catch up on the news, listen to favourite tracks and indulge in audio theatrics with the Akai DAB Vintage Radio, a stylish portable radio available in a range of classic colours. It makes the perfect companion for days spent pottering around the kitchen, relaxing in the garden and getting in some well-deserved feet-up time, with both AM and FM functionality.

Dear Barber Beard Grooming Men’s Gift Set | £22

Keep the beard at bay with this super men’s grooming kit from Dear Barber. Featuring beard oil, moustache wax and a vintage wooden comb, the gift set comes in a box worth keeping and makes the ideal present for trendy grandpas.

Kodak Astro Zoom Bridge Camera | £116

Capture moments worth remembering with the Astro Zoom Bridge Camera from Kodak. Let your grandparents know that they can forget fiddly iPhones and snap away to their heart’s content with the easy-to-use functionality that comes with this gorgeous 16-megapixel camera.



Cartwright & Butler Rhubarb and Custard Sweets, 190g | £6.50

Gift your granny a sweet dose of nostalgia this festive season with traditional hard-boiled sweets from Cartwright & Butler. Presented in a reusable Kilner clip top jar with a beautiful bow tie, it doesn’t get much more classic than Rhubarb & Custard, the ultimate saccharine treat.

Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière + Happy Belly Decaffeinated Ground Coffee | £67

Wake up to the sweet smell of java with Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière and decaffeinated ground coffee from Happy Belly, the dream team of coffeemaking. Le Creuset has been providing the finest stoneware products for nearly 100 years, while Happy Belly boasts some of the most delicious coffee around, blending light body with a soft fruity aroma.

Rémy Martin Xo Cognac Fine Champagne, 70cl | £127

Combining the aroma of late summer fruit and rich white flowers, Rémy Martin Xo Cognac Fine Champagne comes from the highest-quality vineyards of Cognac and offers excellent ageing potential, meaning it can be enjoyed immediately or stored away for special occasions. Best enjoyed neat on ice, it goes superbly with a platter of parmesan cheese, bellotta ham or a slab of dark chocolate.

Charbonnel et Walker Double Layer Milk & Pink Champagne Truffles | £40

Get in your grandparents’ good books with these lightly dusted milk and pink truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. Their Marc de Champagne centres will have even the most sedentary of relatives dancing for joy.

Plant Theatre Gardeners Box of Tricks | £27

Bring out the green fingers in your grandparents with this Plant Theatre Garden Box of Tricks featuring an enviable assortment of gardening essentials. Presented in a handy nine compartment wooden box with a clear lid, it offers the ideal storage for all the important bits and bobs. Includes plant markers, binding wire and metal tool hooks.