Find the best baby buggies for active families

20th December 2019

1/7 Find the best baby buggies for active families

Having kids changes your life. That might sound like stating the obvious, but it doesn’t stop parents from being completely blindsided by just how much their lives change. According to phil&teds, the trick is to adapt and since they’re the brand responsible for designing the original inline® buggy, trust them to know a thing or two about flexibility, innovative thinking and coping with change.

Inline® is one those brilliant ideas you wish you’d thought of yourself. The originals were inspired by images of kids playing on vintage trikes – one pedalling up front and another standing on the back. phil&teds took that playfulness added practicality and then set about creating a revolutionary range of buggies designed to fit with the way you do your life. So whatever else you have to adapt to as a parent, inline® buggies are designed to adapt with you.

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