Best alternative advent calendars for 2019

Last updated 24th July 2022
It’s not just kids who are spoilt for choice when it comes to advent calendars. Gemma Smith-Bingham reveals 2019’s coolest alternative calendars to help you count down to Christmas in style.

Vegan Chocolate Calendar

This luxurious Hotel Chocolate advent calendar is filled with 24 beautiful little statues of 100% dark Ecuador cacao.

£12.50, Hotel Chocolat

L’Occitane Sustainable Calendar

Full of lovely illustrations as well as beauty products, this calendar tells the story of L’Occitane’s commitments to the revival of the Almond trees in Provence, making a beautiful decoration as well as a treat.

£44.10, all beauty

LEGO Star Wars Calendar

This calendar comes equipped with mini-figures, collectible items and well-loved vehicles which the kids will love to recognise as they open each door. It also comes with a fold out mat for play to begin right away!

£24.93, Amazon

Children’s Personalised Xmas Elf Calendar

This stylish felt crafted calendar is as unique as your child, with pockets for individually chosen gifts and the option of having their name emblazoned over the top.

£15.99, Born Gifted

Pet Treat Calendar

Why should humans get all the fun? With this calendar there is a tasty treat behind each door for furry friends!

£6, Debenhams

Play-Doh Calendar

This creative calendar is ideal for little ones who like to make and design! The calendar also comes with two sparkle cans to liven up your creations.

£14.99, Amazon

Adnams Calendar

This calendar contains a selection of Adnams’ favourite drinks, from beer to wine to spirits in neat and RTD formats.

£54.99, Adnams

Tea Lovers Calendar

Give the gift of exploration with this advent calendar this Christmas to the open minded tea lover.

£25, Fortnum and Mason

The Fairy-Tale Calendar

This illustrated calendar contains 24 exiting flavours of vegan chocolate, from dark chocolate and raspberry to award winning pink Himalayan salt.

£19.50, Prestat

Children’s Charity Calendar

This unique character is a way of indulging in traditions and at the same time experiencing the true spirit of Christmas. Behind each door is a description of how the money spent on the calendar itself was donated to 24 amazing charities, from PANDAS Foundation to Great Ormond Street.

£16.95, Advent Of Change

Stationary Calendar

Know anyone obsessed with neat sets of colourful stationary? Or someone who never has a pen of their own? This calendar is the ideal gift, containing over £50 of gifts like pencils and notebooks- what a bargain!

£35, Paperchase

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