UK toddlers are Taking Off Like Prince George

Last updated 7th June 2017

Prince George recently embarked on his first Royal Tour, escorted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (known to George as Mum and Dad). With so much attention being paid on the royal baby’s travels, British flight comparison website decided to research the travelling habits of Prince George’s infant peers in the UK.

Based on over 118,800 flight searches made on their website, has uncovered a number of remarkable trends when it comes to the UK’s jet-setting under-twos. 

Cool kids leave on Saturday

 In terms of flights involving an infant passenger (two years or younger) over 20% of searches saw parents wanting to jet off on a Saturday, while the least popular flight day for families with babies and toddlers was Tuesday.

Vienna, baby!

Where are most UK toddlers soaring off to these days? As it turns out – Vienna! With over 5% of all international flight searches from the UK heading to this Austrian capital city, it appears that Vienna is the toddler’s trip of choice.

Southern babes have caught the travel bug found that over 60% of families looking to fly out of the UK with an infant depart from London. This comes as no surprise since London has more flight paths and terminals than any other UK city, and Heathrow claims 32.87% of the baby-laden flight searches. 

Spare pair of hands

 Much like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, not many UK parents are brave enough to embark upon a flight with just their baby as company. With pushchairs, carry cots, nappies and formula to carry on board, it’s unsurprising that 72.31% percent of travellers are looking to board with at least one other adult in tow. 

Two or more? Stay on the floor 

When parents have one or more infants travelling with them, it appears that most admit defeat and opt for alternative modes of transport for holidays. A whopping 93.77% of flight searches that included infants only consisted of one child. 

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