Role Models: Take Your Babysitter on Holiday

Last updated 3rd January 2017

What’s new? A new babysitting service has launched giving you the opportunity to take your babysitter on holiday so you and your partner can get some much-needed respite of your own.

Role Models says it is ‘childcare with a difference’ as its babysitters provide skilled, ad hoc care for London-based children – aged three years old and above – in their own homes as well as on holiday.

In order to avoid children having to entertain themselves when being looked after by a babysitter, the service wants to inspire children to create and learn while they’re being looked after. Each Role Model therefore has talents in music, arts and crafts, drama, sport, homework, cooking or languages, along with their childcare experience.

You can then pick a Role Model suited to your children’s personalities and hobbies.

Our favourite part of Role Models is that you can also take your babysitter on holiday – perfect if you want your kids to have a sitter they really bond with and can teach them skiing, take them on waterspouts, or make sure they’re learning during the school holidays. Or if you’ve got a brood of children and need an extra pair of hands while you’re travelling, this may just be the solution you’re after.



Price: To take a role model on holiday it’s £95 per day, including the travelling days.

For standard sessions, it’s a £20 fee (3-12 hours long) plus £10 per hour paid directly to the Role Model at the end of the session.

More information: Visit