Relax With 20% Off Kids’ Yoga Classes

Last updated 24th March 2022

School doesn’t have to mean stress

The kids are finally back at school and most parents are relieved to be back into the familiar routine of family life. But for little ones, the start of a new term can mean added stress and worry.

If you’re looking for a way to help kids feel calm, focused and able to cope with their worries about homework, teachers and friends, a yoga mat is a great place to start. Yoga has been shown to enhance children’s concentration, boost their confidence and help relax their busy minds.

YogaBelliesKidz offer classes tailored especially for kids aged 3-12. Sessions involve movement, mine and relaxation techniques, giving them the tools they need to tackle difficult situations in a positive way. 

Find out more about how yoga helps kids stay focused, calm and happy.

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