Kids eat free at Heston’s Perfectionists’ Café, Heathrow Airport

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Quirky food…fast

Perfectionism is hardly the term that springs to mind when you picture an airport departure lounge. For many of us, the hour of two before our flight leaves consists of sipping tea from disposable cups and eating sandwiches from our laps.

However, if your family is departing from Heathrow Terminal 2, you can look forward to an altogether different dining experience. The Perfectionists’ Café is one of the many new additions to the terminal, only this is one cafe with a twist – a dining experience devised by the great Heston Blumenthal.

The Café sets out to offer diners perfect version of classic dishes. You’ll find all your favourite everyday meals – roast chicken, fish and chips, burgers and pizza – but all have been painstakingly deconstructed by the famous magician of gastronomy, and recreated in their ideal form. There’s also a kids menu that features chicken, chips and ketchup, and sausage, chips and beans, to name a few.

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The restaurant is in a central position, perched on the Upper Level of the terminal, giving you a terrific view over the runway from your retro booth.

There is, of course, a twist, as is Heston’s way. The Nitro Icecream Parlour means your dessert is frozen by liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees (anyone for a quick science lesson, kids?). The fish and chips are popular, for good reason. The haddock tastes fresh and light, and the beer batter that surrounds it is wonderfully crunchy. Chips are tasty and crispy, and thanks for a generous spritzing from Heston’s ‘chip-shop smell’ atomiser, your mouth will be watering before you’ve even tasted them.

Kids eat free

The really great thing about the Perfectionists’ Café is that it’s really good value. Kids can have two courses for £10 and adults won’t pay more than your local high street restaurant or gastro pub. Best of all, kids eat for free on the following days in 2016 and 2017:

11 – 21 February

23 March – 17 April

26 May – 4 June

14 July – 4 September

20 October – 1 November

10 December – 8 January (2017)

Children must be dining with an adult who orders a meal over the value of £10. The Perfectionists’ Café is located at Terminal 2 (after security), Heathrow Airport. Meals for adults cost around £20 a head before wine and service.

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