Learn to Swim With Becky Adlington in the Caribbean

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Guests aged 12 and up can combine learning about the health and therapeutic benefits of sea swimming with holidaying in a stunning Caribbean paradise.

The free of charge workshops on Palm Island will use the surrounding tranquil turquoise waters and resort pool, while Becky will share the multiple benefits of incorporating swimming into daily life at home by kick starting the swimming habit whilst on holiday. The warm seawater brings additional wellbeing benefits such as improved circulation and a boost to the immune system.

Becky will share insights of her own incredible Olympic experience, as well as offer technical tips for experienced swimmers and quick advice for beginners. The workshop will cover the physical and emotional benefits of swimming, including improved flexibility, heart health and enhanced mental alertness, plus one-to-one time with Rebecca to ask her any burning questions about her Olympic Games heroics.



Timetable: Set over four days of 2-3 hours each morning during a 7 night stay. Areas covered will include technical tuition, wellbeing exercises and nutrition.

When: The next workshop is scheduled for May 4-7 2014 inclusive (4 days within a 7 night stay package).

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