Intrepid Travel to donate 40% of family travel profits to sustainability

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The forward-thinking team at Intrepid has been inspired by the recent action of children around the world who have been striking for climate action, as well as by the vsionary new documentary, 2040. Intrepid Travel has promised to donate 40% of all the profits from their family holidays, booked by the end of June 2019, to a new marine permaculture initiative that will revive marine ecosystems in Tasmania. This means that, when you book with Intrepid to see turtles in Borneo or endangered gorillas in Rwanda with your family, you will be helping to tackle climate change.

Gorilla in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Intrepid is striving towards becoming carbon positive

A travel company with impressive ambitions, Intrepid Travel is also aiming to be climate positive by 2020. This means the company will not only offset its carbon emissions (aside from those produced by flights to and from their destinations, which are handled independently by travellers), but will actually be benefiting the planet by removing additional carbon dioxide from the environment.

In a first step towards this laudable goal, the tour operator has launched a campaign through its not-for-profit Intrepid Foundation, to raise £188,000 for a new seaweed solution. The Intrepid Foundation is crowdfunding for a new initiative that will regenerate marine ecosystems in Tasmania. All donations made will be matched pound for pound.

At a time when young climate activists have inspired the travel industry to embark on a period of soul-searching, Family Traveller applauds Intrepid Travel’s focus on reduction, regeneration and offsetting emissions, in a bid to become the first global travel company to be carbon positive.

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