Intersport Launches Disney Planes and Hello Kitty Skis

Last updated 6th June 2017

Planning a ski holiday and want your kids to love skiing as much as you? Disney’s Planes and Hello Kitty graphics are the name of the game with Intersport’s kids’ hire skis this winter.

Little legs 

If you’re trying to encourage little Bambi legs onto the snow this season for the first time, then buying all the equipment for the first trip can get pretty expensive. Intersport has launched the perfect skis for little ones, designed with Hello Kitty and Disney Planes, which can be hired in shops all over Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and Canada.

The soft, safe and easy-to-turn TecnoPro skis are available for children up to six years old.

Teen skiers 

There are also Junior skis for seven to 13-year-olds, including the Atomic Redster race skis and the twin-tipped Firefly Rocket RTL freeride skis for children keen to try out the snowpark. The Teen range, for 14-17-year-olds, includes designs taken from the adult range — such as the Head Absolut Joy — but at lower prices.

Skis can be swapped as many times as you want, and without charge, so you can adjust their kit to the conditions.

Where to hire: Intersport has more than 800 shops worldwide, including Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and Canada, and rental equipment can be pre-booked online at

Price: The Disney Planes and Hello Kitty ski and boot packs in France start at €44 (around £35). Each week throughout the season, Intersport is running offers such as hire an adult’s pack and get a child’s pack free. Visit for more details on price.

Promotional codes for the offer are released on Intersport France’s Facebook page: FACEBOOK.COM/INTERSPORTSKIFRANCE

Plus, watch this cool video from Intersport showing you why it’s great to take kids skiing late in the season…