Leading hotel groups announce commitment to sustainability

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The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) is a global industry organisation, which brings together the world’s most powerful hotel companies, including the likes of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. A leader in responsible practises in the hospitality industry, Carlson Rezidor draws on its Scandinavian roots to show genuine commitment to working in a responsible and sustainable way.

Together, the hotel companies in the ITP are responsible for over 25,000 hotels. The alliance is focused on a single objective: to lead the industry by example, with a strong commitment to sustainability. To help drive progress, the ITP has announced that its company members will all support four goals:

The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the companies committed to responsible business

  1. Youth employment
    ITP’s members aim to help one million young people through employment programmes by 2030.
  2. Carbon
    Members will embrace carbon emission reduction targets and will encourage the wider industry to do the same.
  3. Water
    Members will introduce programmes to reduce the number of people affected by water shortages. They will also use water more efficiently.
  4. Human Rights
    Members will raise awareness about human rights risks and address human rights risks that arise during hotel construction.

These four goals send a clear message to the wider industry about the importance of promoting responsible business practises in the hospitality industry. The launch also recognises the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, which calls on the hospitality industry to join together to tackle global issues and share best practice.

Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Dr Taleb Rifai, said: ‘For 25 years the hotel industry under ITP’s leadership has advanced sustainable tourism; developing tools and resources for hotels and lodgings around the world, sharing knowledge and working together for a more responsible future.’

Industry-wide commitment to sustainability

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