Get set for Global Recycling Day: 18.03.19

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If your children are anything like mine, and feel let down by the older generation who have largely neglected to take care of their precious planet, then get on board with Global Recycling Day which takes place on 18 March, 2019.

The Global Recycling Foundation has announced this year’s theme is ‘Recycling into the Future’, focusing on the power of youth, education and innovation in ensuring a brighter future for the planet.

Global Recycling Day was created to celebrate the importance that recycling plays in preserving primary resources (water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals). Aiming to bring people together and champion ways to put our planet first, the day highlights the need to consider recyclable materials as resource rather than waste, celebrating the power of the “Seventh Resource” – the goods we recycle every day.

Often the emotions around sustainability and the planet are overwhelming and depressing, but this gives children and adults alike, an opportunity to take action themselves (see the infographic at the bottom of article).

The Foundation is also seeking partners to help spread this message across the world, and is inviting businesses to become ‘Friends of the Foundation’, as well as offering a number of key sponsorship opportunities.

As well as targeting consumers, Global Recycling Day will also use the theme to continue lobbying the UN to have the day officially recognised, and to support the UN in its work of promoting recycling as essential to the future of the planet. It will dovetail UNIDO’s Inclusive Sustainability focus and continue to promote key Sustainable Development Goals. The team has already made significant in-roads into key UN agencies, and in September took part in an important side-event at the UN Basel Convention’s open-ended Working Group (OEWG) meeting in Geneva.

Discussing the importance of a future-focused mindset, Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation, said, “It is all too easy to take the world’s natural resources for granted, but they will eventually run out. It is imperative that people worldwide think resource not waste, but we need solutions to make this easier.

“To truly harness the power of recycling we must come together to find the most innovative solutions and ensure we use these to engage young people across the globe. The youth of today are our future, and we must ensure they develop a ‘resource, not waste’ mindset in to order to look forward to a sustainable future. Global Recycling Day 2019 will help achieve this through driving awareness, sparking debate and helping develop new solutions that ensure the world thinks resource not waste when it comes to recycling.”

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