Flytographer, your Private Holiday Photographer

Last updated 3rd January 2017

There’s nothing like going on holiday with the kids and returning home with beautiful photographs to help you remember the experience forever – especially while the kids are young and you want to remind them of the details later. But what happens if the photos turn out poorly? And there’s usually one member of the family holding the camera and left out of the photographs.

A new photography service, called Flytographer, has launched to help alleviate the stress of taking perfect holiday photos. The service hires local photographers in over 70 cities worldwide – most of which have shot for publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Roling Stone, Time, New York Times and Getty Images – for your own candid photo shoot, with the result being magazine-worthy photos with everyone included.

Once you book, you’ll be assigned a shoot concierge to manage and organise everything for you. All you do is say when and where you want your photos takenand they take care of the rest.



The Short Storyteller: 30 minutes, one neighbourhood, 15 digital photos – £150

The Subtle Chronicler: 60 minutes, one/two neighbourhoods, 30 digital photos – £200

A Romp Around the City: Two hours, multiple locations across the city, 60 digital photos – £350

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