As editor of Family Traveller, who looks at travel photography day in day out, I was stunned by the standard of images sent in by your talented children. We asked for photographs that evoked that magical feeling of being on holiday. Fabulous entries ranged from scenic landscapes, beach fun, pets on holiday and lots of ice cream!

Here are our winners in each age category and the five most outstanding runners up.

All our lucky winners are awarded a Kodak Pixpro digital camera. And everyone we feature here receives a year’s subscription to the Family Traveller Magazine.

The winner: 5-8 years category

Celia Armstrong, age 7: my au pair doing yoga down on the beach at dawn

Jane says ‘I love the feeling of spontaneity in this beautifully lit shot and the luxury of doing yoga on the beach. Just what holidays are all about especially for carers. I also admire the photographer getting up at dawn to capture the light!’

Celia won the awesome Kodak PixPro S1

Runners up: 5-8 years category

The winner: 9-12 years category

Daniel Beesley, age 11: Mum, Dad and my little sister trekking though the fields on our glamping holiday

Jane says ‘The candid style of this photo really leapt out at me, along with the clever perspective and flower backdrop. A happy family having fun on holiday while coping with all the practicalities such as pram carrying duties!

Daniel was the lucky winner of a a Kodak Pixpro WP1 Sport Camera

Runners up: 9-12 years category

The winner: 13-15 years category

Sam Britain, age 14: Empire State! My little brother being amazed by the building

Jane says ‘This imposing photograph sums up a first taste of Manhattan. I love that the photographer captures his brother looking through another lense at one of the most iconic views in the world. A classic!’ 

Sam won an amazing Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K VR Camera

Runners up: 13-15 years category