English Heritage kids takeover scheme

Last updated 9th June 2017

This summer children have the unprecedented and exciting opportunity to ‘takeover’ Britain’s historical sites, thanks to English Heritage. The organisation, that cares for over 400 monuments and sites across the UK, wants kids to get involved with ancient Britain through re-enactments of historical experiences such as jousting, conquering castles and battling armies.

Kids will get to tick off their historical wishes from a list of the 25 most-wanted historic experiences, unveiled by English Heritage’s new CEO, eight-year-old Thea Hunt. Thea’s enthusiasm for fun and ambition are second to none. The 25 wishes were the result of a vote in June 2015 by five–12 year olds across the UK, and now Thea and her Round Table of helpers are excited to see children achieving their historical dreams over the summer.

A highlight of the programme is the exclusive opportunity for kids to step unaccompanied into Stone Henge’s stone circle every Wednesday morning, recreating the Stone Age for the youngsters of the 21st century. Children can also:

  • Battle pirates at Dartmouth castle (24 & 25 August)
  • Become medieval knights and try on suits of armour at various locations around the UK until November
  • Have a taste of Roman and Viking battles at a variety of locations across the UK including Warkworth Castle, Northumberland and Hadrians’ Wall across various dates in August
  • Put their parents in the stocks (and learn about medieval trial and punishment) at Goodrich Castle, Herefordshire and Stokesay castle, Shropshire (3 and 4 August) and at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire (22 and 23 August)
  • Experience the rhythms of the past with the dances of medieval, Tudor and World War two Britain at Belsay Hall, Northumberland, Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, and Audley End House, Essex, on various dates until the end of August

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