Elementary! New Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Last updated 3rd January 2017


Conan Doyle fans will love the upcoming exhibition at the Museum of London. From 17 October, Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die will celebrate one of the most famous Londoners of all time.

The major new exhibition invites visitors to ask searching questions about Sherlock Holmes’ identity and why he still conjures up such fascination. In London’s first major exhibition on the detective since 1951, you’ll explore how Sherlock has transcended the page and continues to live on onscreen, attracting huge audiences to this day. You’ll even get the chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s famous Belstaff coat from the TV series.


Young visitors will love being transported back to Victorian London, the backdrop for many of Conan Doyle’s stories. The exhibition uses early film, photography, paintings and original artefacts to convincingly recreate the atmosphere of Sherlock’s London. Letting kids walk in the detective’s footsteps will truly bring the legend to life.

Price: Adult tickets cost £12 (£10.90 without donation) and tickets for children aged 12-15 cost £10 (£9 without donation). Flexible family tickets for 3-6 people (must include at least one child and one adult) cost £9.50 per person (£8.50 per person without donation).

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