Drive a Land Rover on your next Adventure Holiday

Last updated 3rd January 2017


Abercrombie & Kent have teamed up with iconic British automotive brand Land Rover to offer thrill-seeking families with teens a host of new off-road adventures, exploring not only the UK, but Iceland, Botswana, Morocco and Tanzania (minimum age 12 and minimum driving age 21).

Don’t miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport for a Moroccan adventure, which takes you from soaring dunes to the craggy peaks of the High Atlas mountains with nights in mobile camps and traditional Berber cooking.

Price: Five nights cost from £5,995 for adults and £2,495 for children. The iconic Land Rover is built for all-terrains and lots of fun – and with more adventure locations coming soon, this holiday is a must for any young adrenaline-junkie.

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