Cottages4you Launches Big Kid Bingo App

Last updated 10th July 2022
Many families bring a list with them of things they want to do or see while on holiday, but once you’re in the swing of things, it can be difficult stick to those goals. With this in mind, cottages4you is releasing a new app called Big Kid Bingo that encourages families to make the most of their school holidays – and win prizes while doing so!
The Big Kid Bingo app generates a list of activity suggestions the whole family can enjoy and tick off together, from having a water fight to making a daisy chain. The free app allows families to upload photographs of their activities to complete a bingo chart. Win by filling out a line, four corners, or by getting a “full house!”
cottages4you is also offering monthly spot prizes to the most creative families who use Big Kid Bingo, with an overall grand prize of £1,000 worth of holiday vouchers for one of the lucky families who manages to complete a “full house.”


More information about cottages4you and Big Kid Bingo: