Tis the season to be jolly

Among the build up and excitement in the run up to Christmas, it's easily forgotten that the festive season means an assortment of things to different people – which is why we launched our Christmas survey a couple of weeks ago, to get to the crux of your family habits, the good the bad, and everything in between. We we’re thrilled by your support and enthusiasm which resulted in over 2,500 entries, and now we’re ready to spill the beans.

Christmas away from home

children sledding in the snow

Cast your mind back to your earliest Christmas memories, it may have looked a little like this; waking up before your parents, counting the minutes until you could dive into the gifts that were waiting for you, squealing with delight as you unwrapped the gifts you'd so desperately wanted, scrubbing up for the family Christmas lunch extravaganza, and once all the excitement was over and food was eaten you spend the rest of the evening scoffing a box of your favourite chocolates and falling asleep infront of your favourite Christmas film. Sound about right?

Spending Christmas away from home would have never been enticing enough or may have never been an option, but nowadays spending Christmas away from home is becoming the new tradition, even if it’s just a weekend escape to the Cotswold. Only 32% of you wouldn’t go on holiday over Christmas and a third of you would spend over £500 per person for a holiday over Christmas.

The season of giving


We were particularly interested in finding out how your family deals with presents, which has become an integral part of the Christmas period; whether you prefer the giving to receiving or want nothing to do with it, you can't escape it (even if you try). Arguably Christmas shopping is the biggest obstacle to tackle especially when the list of gift recipients is never ending, but 30% of you are putting the rest of us to shame by getting ahead of the mad rush, completing your Christmas shopping in November. Maybe we’ll get started earlier next year.

Retailers across the world try to ring in as much money as possible during the festive period, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although 98% of people know about Black Friday, it seems to not set off the bargain hunters within, with only 37% participating in the day.

Food glorious food

There's nothing tastier than Christmas food, especially a turkey will all the trimmings, but while we love to indulge it can often be wasteful.  A third of you admit to wasting food over Christmas. Only 2% of people would choose the spend Christmas in a pub or restaurant having Christmas lunch cooked for them.


We also wanted to see how cultural celebrations have changed over time. Historically Christmas has been renown as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  However our results show the emphasis has shifted away from religion. Only 15% of people surveyed thought Christmas was about celebrating the birth of Jesus and 52% of people won't attend any kind of religious ceremony.

Whatever Christmas means to you and your family, and however you choose to mark the occasion, may your festive season be merry and bright!