1/4 Earth Story 

Earth is astonishing, and engaging kids as early as possible in keeping it that way is something most parents are now very keen to do. But being aware is one thing, making conservation, biodiversity and sustainability exciting for kids is quite another. Fortunately the Eden Project has been doing just that for almost 20 years now. And since 2001 countless young explorers have discovered Eden’s incredible global garden in Cornwall, travelled round the world of science and nature in the space of a single day and returned to do it again and again as the Eden Project has evolved.

If you haven’t yet discovered what Eden describe as their ‘living theatre of plants and people’, imagine two enormous geodesic biomes containing Rainforest and Mediterranean ecosystems which immerse you completely in a real-life experience of earth’s most extraordinary environments. Think tropical storms and treetop canopy walkways, immense flower displays, crops of fruit and vegetables, rare plants, warm sunshine and dense jungle-like humidity – but all in Cornwall. Book online now to receive a 10% discount