The famous Nemesis ride at Alton Towers

2/9 ‘Secret Weapon 8’ rollercoaster, Alton Towers, England

Whispers abound about the new ride that is set to open at the famous Alton Towers theme park in 2018. Taking the place of the Flume ride, Secret Weapon 8 is a groundbreaking wooden roller-coaster that is sure to thrill kids and adults alike. ‘Secret Weapon 8’ is just a code-name for the ride, rumoured to be really named the ominous ‘Wicker Man’. Other rides that have been coded ‘Secret Weapon’ have all had extraordinary qualities – Nemesis was Europe’s first inverted loop coaster, Oblivion had the first vertical drop and Air was the first ‘laying down’ roller-coaster. One thing’s for sure- we can expect big things from SW8!

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