2017 February half term days out in London: 10 under £10

Last updated 18th July 2022

Breathing a small sigh of relief after Christmas? Enjoy it while you can, because it’s no time at all until the February half-term holiday. You know the one: squeezed in before spring and specifically designed to happen just when you thought it was safe to start saving for the Easter break. Worry not, it’s covered. Here are ten fun half-term days out in and around London for kids of all ages, not one costs more than £10 and most are completely free.


1/10 Amazing Animal Mummies, British Museum

Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens insisted on company after death, so there are quite a few mummified animals in existence. The British Museum’s digital workshop programme lets kids get under the bindings and see what lies beneath, find out why certain creatures were preferred for the Pyramids and learn about Ancient Egyptian myth and legend too. This one’s recommended for five years and up, but it’s probably more suited to over 10s.

When: Sunday 12 February 11am to 4pm

Price: Free (no booking necessary)

Where: The British Museum, Great Russel Street, London. Nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road

Find out more about Amazing Animal Mummies at the British Museum


little girl with butterfly face paint at the geronimo festival

2/10 Make Me Fly, The National Gallery

The National Gallery’s full of fabulous flying stuff and this fun workshop lets kids of 2 and over find out all about what’s aerial in art and design their own wings too. If half-term’s the time to let children soar, this is the place to start. You can’t book, but no chance of boredom at The National Gallery while you wait for a space.

When: Wednesday 15 February 11am to 1pm.

Price: free (no booking necessary)

Where: The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London. Nearest tube station is Charing Cross Road

Find out more about Make Me Fly at The National Gallery



3/10 Brilliant Birds Discovery Day, Hyde Park

Too chilly to be outdoors this half-term? Not according to the team at Hyde Park. Not only are they wrapped up warm and out and about, they’re bird watching, trail walking, encouraging kids to design their own, new bird species (on paper) and make a bird feeder to take home for the garden. Older children can try their hand at building a wooden bird box too.

When: Wednesday 15 February 11am to 3pm

Price: Free (no booking necessary)

Where: Hyde Park Education Centre, Hyde Park, London. Nearest tube station is Hyde Park Corner

Find out more about Brilliant Birds Discovery Day at Hyde Park



Photo credit: UCL-Grant-Museum-Matt-Clayton

4/10 Weird and Wonderful Wildlife, Grant Museum of Zoology

There are some seriously strange specimens at the University of London’s Grant Museum of Zoology. So if giant toads, outsize starfish, airborne amphibians and platypus of the duck-billed variety are the kind of creatures to delight your kids, Weird and Wonderful Wildlife is heaven this half-term. They can get hands-on with exhibits, learn about the odd lifestyles of other species, take part in shivery, creepy crawly activities and all for free.

When: Tuesday 14 – Saturday 18 February 1pm to 4.30pm

Price: free (no booking necessary)

Where: Grant Museum of Zoology, 21 University Street, London. Nearest tube station is Euston Square

Find out more about Weird and Wonderful Wildlife at the Grant Museum of Zoology



5/10 Honour Roll Skate Club, Baysixty6 Skate Park

Baysixty6 has skateboard training sessions, skate clubs, girls’ only nights and skate camps all year round. But, if you know a kid who wants to learn the ropes without humiliating themselves in front of seasoned boarders, take them along this half-term. Lessons are free, everyone’s a beginner, instructors are qualified and safety is high priority. It’s also great, adrenalin pumping fun too.

When: Wednesday 15 February 4.30pm to 6pm

Price: free (call or email to book a space)

Where: Baysixty6 Skate Park, Acklam Road, London W10. Nearest tube station is Westbourne Grove

Find out more about Honour Roll Skate Club at Baysixty6 Skate Park



6/10 Take to the Sky, Museum of London Docklands

If you haven’t explored the collection that got so big it needed an extra warehouse, half-term’s a great time to visit Museum of London Docklands. There are family and kids’ events every day for the entire holiday, from storytelling with toddlers to building cable cars, creating Fire of London masterpieces, designing rail carriages and getting hand’s on with archaeological discoveries. Everything’s free, you just have to turn up.

When: Monday 13 – Friday 17 February, times vary

Price: free (no booking necessary)

Where: Museum of London Docklands, India Quay, London. Nearest tube station is Canary Wharf

Find out more about half-term kids’ events at Museum of London Docklands



7/10 Half-Term High, Low, Dolly Pepper, Epping Forest

Skipping’s making a comeback at Epping Forest this half term and kids are invited to come along, grab some ropes and get jumping. Expect plenty of traditional rhymes, tricky steps, technique tuition and completely worn out feet at the end of the afternoon.

If you can’t make it for the skipping, Epping have a Discover London Book Swap on Saturday 11 February with hundreds of books changing hands between 12 and 4pm.

When: Thursday 16 February 2pm to 4pm

Price: Free (no booking necessary)

Where: The View, Epping Forest, Chingford. 50 minutes from London on the North Circular/A406


Victoria and Albert Museum London

8/10 Imagination Station, Victoria & Albert Museum

Let kids think big and get creative at the V&A’s Imagination Station this half-term. Raphael’s the inspiration and children are encourage to design and build their own large-scale artworks under the guidance of artist Matt Shaw. It’s all about playing with space, being bold and collaborating – you can’t put a price on imagination, so it’s free for all.

When: Saturday 11 – Sunday 19 February 10am to 5.30pm

Price: free (no booking necessary)

Where: V&A Museum, Cromwell Road, London. Nearest tube station is South Kensington

Find out more about Imagination Station at the V&A Museum



9/10 Aqua Splash Obstacle Course, London Aquatics Centre

London Aquatics Centre’s breaking out the Aqua Splash inflatable obstacle course again this February half-term. Start easy with ‘wipe-out’ in the 20m Training Pool and progress to ‘Extreme Aqua Splash’ in the 40m Competition Pool. It’s not as easy as it sounds but, if kids are over five and can swim 100m confidently, they’re more than ready for the challenge.

When: Saturday 11 – Sunday 19 February, times vary

Price: Child £5 – book in advance

Where: London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Nearest tube station is Stratford

Find out more about Aqua Splash Obstacle Course at London Aquatics Centre



10/10 Exploring Identity: South African Art, British Museum

Bring kids along to the British Museum for South African storytelling and music making this half-term. The accompanying exhibition’s great fun and children can make a paper house to add to the museum’s city exhibit. A permanent artwork in the British Museum? That has to be worth a visit this February.

When: From Monday 13 February 11am to 4pm

Price: free (no booking necessary)

Where: The British Museum, Great Russel Street, London. Nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road

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