Breathing a small sigh of relief after Christmas? Enjoy it while you can, because it’s no time at all until the February half-term holiday. You know the one: squeezed in before spring and specifically designed to happen just when you thought it was safe to start saving for the Easter break. Worry not, it’s covered. Here are ten fun half-term days out in and around London for kids of all ages, not one costs more than £10 and most are completely free.


1/10 Amazing Animal Mummies, British Museum

Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens insisted on company after death, so there are quite a few mummified animals in existence. The British Museum’s digital workshop programme lets kids get under the bindings and see what lies beneath, find out why certain creatures were preferred for the Pyramids and learn about Ancient Egyptian myth and legend too. This one’s recommended for five years and up, but it’s probably more suited to over 10s.

When: Sunday 12 February 11am to 4pm

Price: Free (no booking necessary)

Where: The British Museum, Great Russel Street, London. Nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road

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