2/15 Salute to the '40s

Get transported back in time for two full days of vintage spirit!  There'll be big band performances from The Glenn Miller Orchestra and The Hotsie Totsies, dance troupe shows,  re-enactments, the chance to climb on board a Second World War Destroyer and see and hear its heart stopping guns, view a Spitfire and Hurricane, and lots more. Home Front displays and Military camps will complement the Dockyard site which already holds its own as a 1940’s film set location.  Vintage and military dressed re-enactors will wander or cycle the streets entertaining guests, dancing and on hand to talk everything WW2.  Visit a 1940’s Street, a bombed-out house, a vintage barbers and salon. Expect a ‘Royal Visit’ during the day and watch Dockyard locomotives running up and down the tracks across the site.  Kids will love finding out what it was like to be in an air raid evacuation, during an attack in WW2 in the Air Raid Experience where an ARP Warden will lead you into WW2 shelters and give you a history of an air raid. In a 1940’s street you can enjoy a pint from a pub, pick up a gift from an old fashioned store or buy some treats from a vintage sweet shop.  Enjoy Vintage Shopping and themed caterers, dotted across the site, serving everything from bacon butties and gourmet burgers to teas, cakes and bread pudding.

When/Where: 16-17 Sep, Historic Dockyard Chatham

Price: Early Bird Adult £18, Child £12

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