15 fun things to do in June 2018

Last updated 2nd July 2018
boys in roman costume - things to do in June

1/15 Clash of the Romans

Step back 2000 years to Roman times with English Heritage and witness an exciting battle of muscle and mastery as two teams of soldiers battle it out in a test of skill with swords and shields. Watch them refine their skills in archery and spear-throwing, and get a taste of Roman life as they ready themselves for battle in the encampment. Share the fun with your little legionaries as they put their skills to the test, and explore urban living in Wroxeter – once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. See the remains of a Roman bathhouse and a town-house built only using materials available to the Romans.

When/where: 9-10 June, Wroxeter Roman City, Shropshire

Price: £9.30 adult, £5.60 child, £24.20 family

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