2/15 The Narnia Trail

Meet The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (plus Lucy Pevensey waiting by a lamppost) on a magical Narnia nature trail at Banstead Woods and Chipstead Downs Local Nature Reserve. The enchanting figures have been carved from standing deadwood by talented chainsaw sculptor Ella Fielding of The Tree Pirates, making use of the site’s existing natural resources.

Carved way-marker posts of native plants and animals, from which children can take rubbings, mark out the route. Come face to face with the majestic Aslan the lion, walk through the wardrobe ‘entrance to Narnia’, complete with hanging coats and sneak a peek at the scary White Witch. The trail certainly turns a quiet walk into a magical adventure.

When/where: Through January, The Narnia Nature Trail, Banstead Woods and Chipstead Downs Local Nature Reserve, Banstead, Surrey

Price: Free

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