Fingals Cave

1/12 Fingal's Cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

This other-worldly sea cave is nestled in the uninhabited island of Staffa, where it forms part of The National Trust for Scotland's National Nature Reserve. Formed entirely from hexagonally joined basalt columns, it's a similar geological formation to that found in Ireland's Giant's Causeway. The name Fingal's Cave supposedly derives from the eponymous hero of an epic poem by 18th Century Scot poet and historian, James Macpherson. This eerie mass within the water also offers an awe-inspiring audio experience, as the natural arched roof bounces the eerie sounds of the waves so well that it's often compared to a cathedral. The Gaelic name 'An Uaimh Bhinn' actually translates to 'The Melodious Cave'.

The nature reserve is open daily, all year round.

Why the kids will love it

Kids are sure to get a kick out of pulling up to this Jurassic cave, where they will get to hear their voices echo and reverberate around them. This natural cathedral may just be the perfect place for a family acapela session.

Price: A boat tour of Staff island with Staffatours, departing from Iona or Fionnphort, costs £35 for three hours. There isn't a fee to visit the island, however it is encouraged that a donation is made to support the National Trust for Scotland's work