Review: Stokke Trailz all-terrain pram

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In a nutshell

Trailz is a stylish, luxurious pram from Scandi brand Stokke that’s a dream to push, super comfy for baby and makes light work of rough terrain. But take note, this pram is a big one – in terms of both size and price tag.

Key features:

  • Suitable from birth with protective carry cot
  • Air-filled rubber tyres
  • Several options for different seating positions, both forward and parent-facing
  • Large waterproof shopping basket
  • Can be used with car seat as part of travel system

Price: £964, plus £269 for the carry cot


  • Oodles of storage
  • Easy to manoeuvre over challenging terrain
  • Strong and robust build
  • Easy and compact folding
  • Comfy and secure for little one


  • It’s huge! The pram is by no means compact – you’ll need a decent sized boot and will struggle with narrow doorways
  • With the detachable sun visor in place, it’s difficult to get a clear view of baby in the carry cot
  • Requires two hands to fold and open

Best for: Active families with plenty of storage space, who love to get outside for family adventures

What’s in the box?

  • Chassis (underneath basket attached)
  • Wheels
  • Seat unit (hood attached)
  • Raincover
  • Mosquito net
  • Instruction book


The pram comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book, containing only images, but assembly is so self-explanatory I didn’t need it. It’s simply a case of unfolding the chassis and clicking the wheels into place, as the shopping basket and handle are already attached. The carry cot clicks into the frame and a button turns from red to green to indicate it’s correctly locked in place. Then, zip on the optional sun visor and you’re good to go. I found clicking the front wheels in required a bit of force (not easy when you’re heavily pregnant), but the rest was easy – I’d unboxed and assembled the pram in under twenty minutes.


The first thing you notice about the Stokke Trailz is its size. When my daughter was three weeks old we went to our first ever baby group near our home in north London and I struggled to manoeuvre it into the pram parking area alongside rows of dinky BabyZen Yoyos.

One of the mums helpfully exclaimed, ‘woah, that’s not a pram – that’s a tank!’. Trying to squeeze the Trailz into tight places or through narrow doorways can be problem, as I discovered when I ended up wedged in the ticket gates on the London underground. The bulkiness also makes it tricky to store at home, especially if you’re short on space or live in flat and have to heave it up stairs.

The bulky robustness of the Stokke may make it unsuitable for the city but, on the other hand, I love knowing my baby is protected against the hustle and bustle of urban crowds. The brake, for instance, feels much sturdier than on other prams. Stokke Trailz might be a ‘tank’, but what could be safer for your baby?


There’s a pocket at the front of the carry cot, below the handle, which is incredibly handy for giving you easy access to your phone and purse. Plus, it saves you having to buy a separate pram organiser. Below the carry cot is a roomy waterproof basket, which has more than enough space for even the bulkiest of changing bags, as well as mum’s handbag and shopping. I’ve even squeezed a picnic hamper in there.


Stokke boast that their Trailz pram can take families wherever they want to go, so I did my best to put this to test. With our baby daughter in tow, my husband and I have ventured to sandy beaches in north Norfolk, the hilly slopes of London’s Hampstead heath and the dirt tracks in the woods near our home in north London. Happily, the Stokke’s large, air-filled tyres made light of them all. Our daughter even slept soundly in the pram as I wheeled her over my in-laws gravel driveway.

I’ve discovered that the Stokke Trailz is the pram equivalent of a 4×4, and I feel confident taking it to places I wouldn’t dare attempt with a regular buggy. For parents who want to be out and about with their baby, in all seasons and across all terrains, this is an excellent choice.


Despite its size, the Stokke Trailz doesn’t feel heavy to push. In fact, it glides along effortlessly. Thanks to the swivelling front wheels and adjustable handle, steering is surprisingly easy and comfortable for such a big pram. I’m petite and didn’t struggle to push it up the hills at Hampstead Heath, nor is it a problem lifting it onto London’s high pavements.

That being said, the swivelling front wheels can be a real nuisance when you want to push the pram back and forth on the spot (for instance when you’re in a cafe and trying to sooth a grizzly baby). When the pram is pushed back and forth, the wheels tend to rotate, causing the pram to get stuck.

Folding and storage

Another thing that’s surprised me about the Stokke is how easy it is to fold – and how compact it can become. The only part that’s a bit fiddly is the carry cot, as there are four latches that you have to fold at once, but its fine once you’ve got the hang of it. The pram folds flat in a couple of minutes and just about fits in the boot of our car (a regular saloon size), although there isn’t room for anything else. You can travel with this pram, but it’s by no means compact.

How is it for baby?

The air-filled rubber tyres make sure it’s a comfy ride for baby. I took my daughter to see the bluebells in a nearby woods and we trundled over sticks, rough ground and through puddles. Some of it was pretty bumpy, but snuggled in her carry cot she hardly shook and slept peacefully as the way there. The carry cot attachment (suitable from birth) means my baby is perfectly comfortable. She can lie flat on her back, with plenty of space to kick her little arms and legs. It’s just like being in her cot, with the added benefit of being gently rocked as we travel. (Stokke recommend that you switch from the carry cot to the seat unit after six months).

Like everything on the Stokke Trailz, the hood is incredibly sturdy and I can imagine it would hold its position in all weather conditions. What’s more, it has built-in UV50 protection and an attachable visor, so baby is shaded and well protected from the sun. Unlike the alternative all-terrain prams on the market, like the Bugaboo Buffalo and iCandy Peach 3, the Stokke Trailz’s carry cot is positioned nice and high, which means you can make eye contact with your little one as you travel.

The high position of baby is also a bonus if you’re still suffering with back pain after birth. Although the Stokke Trailz isn’t an obvious choice for a day-to-day city pram, the fact that the hood has a ventilation panel improves the air quality inside the carry cot, which I find reassuring while out and about with my little one in London.


The adjustable leather handle provides a firm and comfortable grip, and also adds to the high-end look of the pram. The Stokke gets lots of compliments and in the city it stands out in a sea of Bugaboos and Baby Zens. Despite its large frame, the Stokke Trailz has an elegant Scandi style. It looks expensive, because it is.

Value for money?

There are hundreds of prams to choose from and often you get what you pay for. At over £1,200 including the carry cot, the Trailz is a pricey model, comparable with other high-end prams on the market. However, when you consider the superior quality, style, range of features, resale value and the fact that you really can use this pram anywhere, it’s money well spent.


As with all baby-related purchases, finding your perfect pram means finding one that is perfect for your lifestyle, environment and budget. If you’re looking for a stylish and secure pram that you can use on a range of different terrains, and you have plenty of storage space at home, the Stokke Trailz is an excellent option.

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