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Amazing activities for aspiring astronauts

Namrata Bhawnani
9th January 2018

There’s something magical about outer space; the mystery of not knowing what’s out there is irresistibly intriguing. We all know a kid who wants to be an astronaut when they grow up so we’re introducing the most out-of-this-world places to visit on planet earth, guaranteed to rocket-fuel their interest in the cosmos!

keilder-observatory northumberland

1/10 Kielder water and forest park, Northumberland, UK

Home of the largest Dark Sky Park area of protected night sky in Europe, Kielder water is arguably the best place in the UK to view constellations. 580 square miles of dark sky give budding astronauts the perfect playground in which to explore Kielder Observatory and use the large telescopes under the supervision of expert astronomers. In summer visitors can take a look at the Milky Way, shooting stars, comets and even the surface of the Sun, while winter is best for observing ‘deep sky’ objects such as distant galaxies. The Observatory hosts events every evening throughout the year such as lectures, which include observing, astrophotography and family events with activities for children. Kielder is also home to over 50% of the red squirrel population in the UK, making it a great place for a family day out in nature.

Price: Visiting Kielder is free. For the observatory, buy tickets on their website

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