Mother and daughter sitting on a pier overlooking Venice

2/7  Venice

Why is it disappearing?

The world-famous City of Water (quite literally) has been gradually sinking throughout the last few years and sadly, there aren’t any signs of it slowing down. Experts predict the city will be underwater within 100 years.

Why go?

Venice is perfect for a family getaway and whether you're a first-time visitor, or have been dozens of times, it won’t disappoint. Don't forget to visit Rialto Market and admire the local produce and of course, take in the incredible sights from Grand Canal.

Why is it great for kids?

Aside from tasty pizzas and gelato, Venice has plenty to offer kids. It’s well worth taking them to the Doge’s Palace Museum, where you'll be lead hrough the history of the highest political powers in the Venetian republic. And you’ll get a chance to see old armoury and prisons. But if you want something more relaxed, little ones love exploring the city by water taxi.

Price: Flights in July from London to Venice cost between £67 (Ryan Air) and £78 (Easy Jet)

Museum entrance is £20 per adult and family tickets are available at a reduced price at the ticket office

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